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This is a book about dreaming and what dreams actually mean. Five-year-old Cleo has very vivid dreams, and she tells her yiayia-her Greek grandmother-all about them. Thalia Alexiou has chosen three of them for this book. In the first, Cleo (who lives in a big city with her mother and father and her little brother Nikolas) dreams of flying through the sky, where she is surrounded by a cloud of golden dust! But what does that mean? The second dream is very scary-apple trees are chasing poor Cleo! What could that mean? And in the third dream, she saves her mother and father by grabbing the hair of a witch who's threatening them, and throwing her out of the house. How could a little girl do that?

The Three Dreams tenderly answers these questions, revealing the meaning of powerful dreams for Cleo. . .and for all children, because they all have wonderful dreams and scary ones and brave ones, and all other kinds of dreams as well.



Thalia Alexiou, a holistic therapist with over 40 years of experience, portrays herself as "Sofia" the clairvoyant woman, who has a life-changing experience at the age of 6, discovering the bones of a young boy under her great-grandmother's deathbed. She can hear the voices of the dead, and for this she is abused by her mother who misunderstands her ability. Sofia's youngest client, Annie, shows signs of similar abilities, she has begun to see a little boy "Andrew" who wants to find his mother, on top of having conversations with her father's deceased first wife. Working with little Annie and her family reveals painful memories of Sofia's traumatic childhood. The power of love and friendship help Sofia and Annie work through family challenges, which for Sophia were buried for many years.


This is book is about how to increase in a simple way your electromagnetic field and receive unlimited blessings.

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