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Thalia Alexiou - Reiki Master teacher and author

You never know what life will bring your way - but with my spiritual recipes you will know your heart, mind,

and body are centered to bring you the best outcome. New posts every week!  

Thalia Alexiou


About Thalia

Reiki Master Thalia Alexiou, recently growing a following on social media, has spent years positively impacting and improving the lives of numerous clients through personal sessions in her private practice in New Jersey and leading workshops in both the U.S. and Greece. With over 40 years of working experience in the alternative medicine field, she is trusted and lovingly known as the Doctor of the Soul because she often shows people the key to improving your lifestyle is in something as practical as looking in the mirror...or perhaps placing a mirror in an auspicious area to attract a certain energy. With years of study and application of ancient Greek and Chinese holistic sciences and philosophies, she has the physical and metaphysical prescription for what you can do to achieve and maintain an abundance of personal growth, financial growth, relationship growth, and spiritual growth. You can improve your situations with money, love, your career or family, and there are many ways to do it -- to learn more, subscribe to our YouTube or our mailing list to receive our weekly videos, there Thalia provides tidbits of wisdom and very practical tools you can apply in your life to start. 

Maybe I'm not the one who will fix your life but YOU definitely can with knowledge. You can have it all with great health, happiness, love, wealth, and money. Free yourself from past experiences and you can attract the love of your life -- and you can attract the millions you want -- and you can attract GENIUS children -- you can attract all that is for you. I am looking to serve women who are the Fixer Uppers in their own lives at home. 

With a wealth of knowledge to share, her workshop The Mystic Science of a Happy Home shows you how to improve, heal or magnify the electro-magnetic field in certain cardinal/intercardinal directions in your home, which could be a great place to start your journey!


Who is Thalia Alexiou? Below is a brief introduction about me!




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